Programs Offered

Explore Our Programs: Nurturing a Love for Learning Through Engaging and Age-Appropriate Curricula.

Our Programs for Kids

Our Programs for Kids: Building Foundations, Sparking Imagination, and Fostering Lifelong Learning


Toddler Discovery (Ages 1.5 - 2)

Play Group

Nurturing the tiniest learners through gentle exploration, sensory experiences, and early social interactions, setting the stage for lifelong curiosity.

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Preschool Explorers (Ages 2 - 3)

Pre Nursery Group
Fostering cognitive and social growth through imaginative play, creative expression, and hands-on activities that ignite a passion for discovery.

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Tiny Thinkers Zone (Ages 3 - 4)

Empowering young minds with structured learning, problem-solving challenges, and skill-building exercises that prepare them for a smooth transition into formal education.

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Young Masterminds
( Ages 4 - 5)

Igniting the brilliance of Young Masterminds (Ages 4-5) in our UKG program. Building on the foundation of imaginative play and creative expression from Tiny Thinkers Zone, we continue fostering cognitive and social growth. Our engaging curriculum sparks a passion for discovery, emphasizing early literacy, numeracy, and essential skills. Empowering young minds to explore, question, and embrace the joy of learning.

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Featured Activities

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Public Speaking

At Mamatv Preschool, we understand the importance of developing confident communicators from a young ageEffective Communication and Confidence Building.

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IT Knowledge

In the digital age, IT knowledge is a vital skill, even for young children. At Mamatv Preschool, we introduce the fundamentals of IT in a fun and engaging way.

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Soccer Specialisation

Physical activity and sports play an integral role in a child's development, and our soccer program is designed to promote fitness, teamwork, and a love for sports.

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Mamatv Preschool has been an absolute delight for our child’s early education journey. The nurturing environment, dedicated teachers, and thoughtful curriculum have laid a strong foundation for his growth and learning.