Nurturing Curious Minds and Happy Hearts

At ममत्व, we believe in laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning in the most nurturing and creative environment. 

About us

Our Vision and Values

At ममत्व,we envision a world where child’s uniqueness is celebrated with safe ,happy,caring , stimulating and secure environment.Our philosophy is rooted in creating a safe and inclusive space where children can thrive emotionally , socially and intellectually


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Learning Resources

Our Unique Approach

Fostering Holistic Growth

At ममत्व, we believe that education extends beyond textbooks. Our unique approach combines the power of play, exploration, and hands-on learning to cultivate well-rounded development in every child.

Academics- Arts - Life Skills - Values - Fun

Balancing academics, arts, life skills, value and fun for a comprehensive and enriching learning journey.

Our Engaging Programs

At Mamatv Preschool, we offer a range of thoughtfully designed programs tailored to the unique developmental stages of children.


Toddler Discovery (Ages 1.5 - 2)

Play Group

Nurturing the tiniest learners through gentle exploration, sensory experiences, and early social interactions, setting the stage for lifelong curiosity.

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Preschool Explorers (Ages 2 - 3)

Pre Nursery Group
Fostering cognitive and social growth through imaginative play, creative expression, and hands-on activities that ignite a passion for discovery.

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Tiny Thinkers Zone (Ages 3 - 4)

Empowering young minds with structured learning, problem-solving challenges, and skill-building exercises that prepare them for a smooth transition into formal education.

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Young Masterminds
( Ages 4 - 5)

Igniting the brilliance of Young Masterminds (Ages 4-5) in our UKG program. Building on the foundation of imaginative play and creative expression from Tiny Thinkers Zone, we continue fostering cognitive and social growth. Our engaging curriculum sparks a passion for discovery, emphasizing early literacy, numeracy, and essential skills. Empowering young minds to explore, question, and embrace the joy of learning.

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Our Exceptional Educators: Passionate, Experienced, and Committed to Your Child’s Growth and Well-Being.

Rozy Nagi

Rozy Nagi, with a decade of experience, stands as the Co-Founder of ममत्व , bringing her wealth of expertise to the realm of preschool education. Her dedicated leadership and extensive background have played a pivotal role in shaping ममत्व as a nurturing and innovative learning environment for young children.

Rajni Wadhwa Kapur

Rajni Wadhwa Kapur, with over two decades of experience, is a seasoned educator renowned for her expertise in both preschool and primary education and abacus instruction. Her commitment and proficiency in these domains have contributed significantly to the development and enrichment of young minds at KSP’S Academy….to strengthen the roots and ममत्व

Why Choose Us?

ममत्व Preschool has been an absolute delight for your child’s early education journey. The nurturing environment, dedicated teachers, and thoughtful curriculum have laid a strong foundation for his growth and learning.

At ममत्व, we stand out as your premier choice for preschool education. Here's why parents choose us: